Welcome to the BrightMinded Labs!

At BrightMinded we get time each week to work on our own projects, individually or in small teams (even better). Some of these projects will lead to real-life applications and will be posted here - props to Jahidul for getting the first lab project live! Others will teach us how to solve a problem but might not make it into production, or maybe teach us how not to solve a problem. Some will probably generate some insights, some new skills, but no conclusions.

Either way, if we feel others can learn from our experience, we'll share our thoughts here.

What can you expect to find here?

We're a software engineering company, so the projects in BrightMinded Labs will have a technology angle. But other than that, we have no idea what the combined bright minds in our team will come up with. To give you a flavour, currently people are exploring areas like robotics, trading bots, generative art and probabilistic data structure libraries.

We'll keep updating the page whenever we get to a point where we feel sharing the information might benefit others. So do keep popping back for updates (we’ll also share them through our social media channels).